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Trend Review Friday 18 February

My darling sweet beloved lovely twitter

How are you today my dearest friend?  I cherish you.  You are precious to me.  I worship the wireless that you download on.

For, my revered sweet information provider, last night you were amazing.  Did we trend last night?  What is trending?  Who am I?  Where am I?  Where have the thoughts in my head gone?

Everything bad, everything hideous, everything sneaky and tricksy has been forgiven twitter.  The slate has been wiped clean.  I will say two words that will immediately make this astounding change in fortunes clear.  Something that you publicised last night for all the Grimlings

Owl. Vest.

Yes.  @mr_grimshaw’s first magazine cover goes on sale on Wednesday but we were treated to a sneak preview last night via twitter.  And what a preview it was.  Very aesthetically pleasing it was too.  That is what you should be doing, twitter, and that is what we expect to see today with loads of tour goodness.  Crack on with that twitter and the love shall continue.

See you tonight twitter.  Loads of love

The Grimlings

Ahem – trend review?  Seeing as that is what we give you this space for?

We trended Grimshaw Music.  It was epic

See you at 6 for the double trend attempt.  Hope if you are going to the tour you have a ball and let us know how it goes.  Brilliant work this morning on the early morning trend 🙂


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