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Vote For The Trend Thursday 17 February

Have you read last night’s Trend Review yet?

Good Morning Quiff Team, as named by MrsTapster!  We are now an Official Subset of The Grimlings, who are in turn the Twitter arm of Aiden Grimshaw Fans.  The Quiff Team are those Grimlings who stop everything at 6 to try and hit the TTs.  You can recognise members of the Quiff Team by their ability to eat food burnt to a crisp, their ability to ignore ringing phones and knocking doors, the way they can eat their dinner with one hand and trend with another, and when they look at another fansgroup trend attempt and think, “Nah, that won’t work they need to…”

So saying that, you are expecting us to trend #thequiffteamtoday, aren’t you?  We can’t!  The mentions yesterday robbed it of two of the algorithms that would get it in to the TTs plus it’s a hashtag 😦  We could try The Quiff Team but we are a bit wary of three word trends just now (place a bet that as soon as we post this a three word trend pops up.  Twitter hates us).  Plus we are trying to keep it focussed on @mr_grimshaw just now.

But fear not Quiff Team, for we do have plans that we do not wish to jinx – be patient!

Anyway, let’s go with the options.

Option 1 SignAGNowPlease Looks familiar.  I’m sure that I’ve seen a sentiment like that somewhere before BUT WHERE?

Option 2 GrimshawMusic Another of the much loved List trends

Option 3 MusicFromGrimshaw As above


Closes at 5.30. Trending at 6.



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