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Trend Review Tuesday 15 February

Ladies and gentlemen, we present today’s open letter to twitter.


Seriously.  Can we have a word?  Just a little chitchat here in the confines of the internet?  Are you sad, twitter?  Lonely?  Craving attention?  I don’t understand, I really don’t.  You have 105 million users, twitter.  105 MILLION.  That’s a lot.  I know loads of people and I can’t even come close to that many.  (well, when I say “know” I mean “have shouted at”).

So, we are not vain enough to think that our 6 o’clock activities have any bearing on your user parameters as a whole, twitter.  Oh no, we know our place.  BUT TWITTER COULD YOU THROW US A FREAKING BONE PLEASE.

We might be talking complete and utter tish and tosh, but surely one of the prerequisites of hitting Trending Topics is that Trending Topics actually be open for business?  Or are we just letting loose with the crazy talk, twitter?  Cave Dweller spotted that TTs were broken first thing in the morning and kept an eye on it all day.  At 5 pm when I casually rolled in from my day’s excitement over in the Pigalle, Cave Dweller and Big Boss were twitching over the printouts, making phone calls to their colleagues in The Geek Freak Team to try to find out what was wrong.  At 5.45 it was obvious that trying to hit TTs was like trying to carve a diamond with a marshmallow; it was never gonna happen.

Twitter, you played a blinder there.  Big Boss was hunched over the keyboard at 6, staring wide-eyed at the screen after postponing the trend. Cave Dweller was rocking and nervously clutching their Jabba the Hut McDonald’s Toy.  They were dessicated shells, twitter, and you did that.  Then an amazing thing happened.  One tweet came in to @AGTrendSite saying, “actually, I can see trends on echofon”.  A germ of an idea formed between us.  We tweeted out and more info came back that trends were visible on iPhones and iPad.  The idea got bigger, and then finally we received a tweet saying that old twitter was showing trends.

Gotta be honest with you twitter, I was out of it by then.  My Emergency Room had been prepared (an indoor bouncy castle) and I was flung in it with not a care for personal decency or dignity.  Big Boss and Cave Dweller were doing their touchy-feely mature discussion crap, should-we-go-for-it-what-if-it-doesnt-work back and forth when I lost it and sent the trained Capuchin into ATTACK mode and they pressed the button which launched the trend.

And how.  We were all literally tweeting in the dark and 17 minutes later up popped LoveForGrimshaw in the TTs.  It was nice to see the other half of Maiden there as well (although it would have been nice to see TTs full blinking stop TWITTTTAAAAAAH!) and we didst celebrate oh yes.  Especially when it went Worldwide.  You know how we feel about that, oh yes we like.

How long did it stay there then, twitter?  No I’m serious – once I was freed from my soft and bouncy safety room I was out in the world like a dog chasing budgies and set target for the Brits After Party.  Unfortunately I was denied entry due to my extreme wonderfulness so spent the evening frequenting much more salubrious establishments.  I seem to have come home minus a shoe (and you know how I love my hand-tooled shoes twitter) but plus some rather elaborate looking keys and the number of a boathouse.  I was playing cards so lord alone knows what I have been gambling with.

Anyway twitter, Cave Dweller says TTs are honked tonight as well, so see you later for more fun and games.  Yes we’re coming back.  Last night we escaped as all the record execs were out on their annual jolly.  Tonight we’ll be back again.  WHEN NOT IF TWITTER.

No more love songs for you twitter.

The Grimlings

We thought it safe to give them the night to calm down.  We down allow profanity or hate on the site, so last night’s letter when edited was Dear twitter…The Grimlings which we thought need fleshed out a bit.

Vote for the trend will be up soon, trending at 6 if the TTs are up.  Have a good day!


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