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Trend Review Saturday 12 February

Before Ranting Writer goes off on one about life the universe and everything, a quick word about the trend tonight.  After we had posted the trend on here and at @AGSite we saw a trend RTd from @MrsTapster.  We quickly ran a scan on the current hashtags and three of the upcoming trends and saw straight away that hashtags were too strong for any hashtag to trend.  We immediately tweeted MrsTapster to see if we could change the trend, but obviously at that time of the night MrsTapster had gone back offline.  In that time, the trend posted here had taken off.

We hate not going with a family tweeted trend, so NO VOTE TOMORROW.  We will tweak the MrsTapster posted trend and go with that.  TRENDING AT 5 TOMORROW.  Now I hand you over to our resident screwball (the Majestic account is their only redeeming feature) the Ranting Writer.


Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.  Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.  Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Night’s alright.  Alright for a bit of trrrrrrrrrrrending.  Did you see us tonight?  Like little ninjas we were.  After a bit of confusion at the beginning (you’d have loved it twitter.  A full glass of Cab Sav was thrown in the air as Big Boss got down from their ornately carved throne and ran towards Cave Dweller’s rocky home.  Cave Dweller was shouting, “I saw the tweet!” as the little fingers danced on that keyboard and numbers were flying up the screen like The Matrix) the trend took off. 38 minutes.  Not bad at all twitter.  Not bad.

So, AmazingAidenG was in the Trending Topics.  71st Aiden related trend that was.  And I hope that you notice, dear twitter, that my letter to you is on time tonight.  Yep, after a hard hour trending at the tweetface I sit down here, in my rococo shrine to all that is louche and licentious, dictating this to a trained capuchin.  Once that is done I shall take my leave, twitter, flitting out into the night armed only with a credit card and a winning smile.  The world is my oyster and tonight I plan to take advantage.  May even stop for a kebab from the roachcoach on the way home, twitter, because I am THAT ROCK AND ROLL.

Love, love me do, twitter, for you know we abhor you.  See you tomorrow, twitter.

The Grimlings

Short and sweet.  Obviously got a hot date tonight.  God, would pay money to see Ranting Writer being charming.  See you tomorrow at 5.  Have a fun night, twitter looks a tad interesting tonight, doesn’t it?


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