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Trend Review Friday 11 February

OiOiOiOi Twiiitttttttaaaaaahhhhhh!

Late again. I’m getting the side-eye from Big Boss and The Cave Dweller, but to be honest, CARES HAVE I NONE!  Yesterday we hit 70 and 60 and sat in the TTs for an AGE.  It sat there for so long twitter that I couldn’t hang about – things to do, people to see, rants to rant. You know how it is.

Today, twitter, I have nothing to rant about.  Nothing.  Nada. Niks. Walang anuman. All is peachy happy and roundly wondrous in Ranting Writer land.  Big Boss may be about to sack me but I can just get onto Majestic and have a shipping container of wine sent round and that will sort them out.  Cave Dweller can be shut up with a couple of Pepperami and a Blakes 7 Annual from 1980 so all will be well in the Troglodyte Territory.

What to do today?  Turns out I didn’t swap my jacket for booze so might head back to Pulse to pick up my outerwear.  That could get messy again, so better stock up on the Andrews Liver Salts and find out where the nearest MaccyDs is.

Looking forward to the trend tonight.  Think it’s going to be a hard one tonight so I am building up the gall and bile so it can be released in a massive stream of RAAAAARRR twitter.  RARARARARARARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR.  Like that.  Do you like that?  Because I don’t like you.  We’re a crotchety old 70 now twitter so I can say what I want.

It must be love twitter, but not for you.  No love for you – although our hearts did melt a little due to the stay in the TTs last night.  More of that whenever you’re ready TWITTER!

The Grimlings

We’re not going to sack Ranting Writer but we will fix them with a steely glare.  Vote is up. See you at 6 for the trend


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