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Trend Review Wednesday 9 February

Oh twitter

What do you want me to say? Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa? (Oh yes, I can bring the Latin.  Blooming linguist me).  Well you’ll be waiting a long time.  There’s me ranting about how easy you’ve been making it recently, so you went all out tonight didn’t you?  You didn’t just yank the rug out from underneath our feet; you rolled us in it, threw it in the back of the car and drove us over the border to Tijuana.

It was a perfect storm.  You very kindly gave us our timelines back in time for trending, but god that was all you did twitter.  Olly Murs doing a Ustream, Gaga, Britney, The Wanted, Zayn from 1D going on a following mission (and we will gloss over the fact that there were Grimling trending for 1D as everyone is allowed a day of, but fergoodnesssakes Grimlings, mow your own lawn before you cut someone else’s grass, you feel me?),  the Warriors going for a support trend (discretion prevents us commenting here, twitter) a new Strokes song being released for download, the sad breakdown of a young marriage, an England game yadda yadda breakdown yadda.  When Big Boss tweeted earlier that they were worried twitter, they weren’t kidding.  It wasn’t a “wind up the Grimlings and watch them go” tweet; it was a “get some cheese and biccies beside that computer folks because you are there for the night” tweet.  Normally, the only all-nighters I get involved in contain alcohol, sailors, and a beach party on the Copacabana coast.  Imagine my disquiet.

But, TWITTTTTAAAAAHHHH, that came to naught.  Again the Grimlings came together and went b-a-n-a-n-a-s tweeting . Smaller trends were cast aside like broken toys as AGRecordDeal entered the Trending Topics.  It sat at the bottom of the TTs, twitter, and then like Katy Perry and her lovely Firework it SHOT to the top of the TTs.  Lovely stuff.

It may not have stayed there long, twitter, but it was there, shining like the beacon it is.  WHEN NOT IF, twitter, when not if.

Love may be all you need, twitter, but you need to be bloody quick to hold back a Grimling on a mission.

The Grimlings

See you tomorrow Grimlings for the vote and at 6 for the trend.


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