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Vote For The Trend Tuesday 8 February

Morning Grimlings!  So, do we all feel a little bit more optimistic and upbeat about the future now?  It’s never boring being a Grimling, that’s for sure 🙂

Before we start, a quick word about hashtags and TTs.  We are split down the middle here at Sign Aiden Grimshaw Towers.  Half of us like them because they say what we want straight away and they sit at the top of the TT box.  The techie part of our massive 24 hour a day operation (believe it or not Ranting Writer and Cave Dweller are in total agreement here) don’t like them at all.  They are harder to trend as more people are using hashtags.  If there are one or more twitter memes on the go then the percentages are huge and we can’t break into them.  If a news story breaks then that takes up another slot, and there are only three anyway.  Words/names have 6 slots so it’s easier to “take” one of those.  Since Cave Dweller analyses the trends, and Ranting just sits at the computer trending and shouting abuse at the screen, while Big Boss Drinking Wine and the Secret Agents trend and check at your timelines.

We’ve not seen any strong feelings either way about hashtags or no, although we did see a couple of Grimlings talking about #askaidensmum trending.  Our opinion is that TTs are different after yesterday’s Spambot attack.  Morning Twitter, Tuesdays, and some of the other trends we’ve seen recently should never be in there.  We’d LOVE to try a sneaky “Sign Aiden Grimshaw” trend but we don’t think it would get there on the novelty value, especially as we are all still buzzing and discussing last night twitterchat.

So, after that massive screed, here are your options.

Option 1 – SignGrrimshaw – If it ain’t broke… Grrrowling.  Grimshaws love the Grrowling (esp Grimshaws of Grimlington YEAH WE SAW IT!)

Option 2 – AGRecordDeal- We’re running out of ways to say it

Option 3 – GrrimshawDeal Oh, we found another way

Have a good day (some of us may even have sun today.  That’ll be a good treat, eh?) vote vote vote, closing at 5.30, Trending at 6.  See you later Grimlings!


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