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Trend Review Tuesday 8 February

Dear twitter

I’m not happy.  I’m never happy, to be fair, my default setting is mild rampage, but I have moved past that to full on turmoil and ire.  What are you playing at?  Half an hour for SignGrrimshaw against rock steady trends?  I’m suspicious.  I am.  WHAT THE HELL CAN I RAGE AGAINST?

If I can’t rage, twitter, I am nothing.  A shell.  An empty rotten husk of a being.  You even had me agreeing with that freak Cave Dweller today, twitter, and that is a calumny that cannot be easily forgiven.  The Ying is all fricked up against the Yang.  There is no balance.

If you keep up this twitter, Grimlings might get complacent.  Is that what you want TWITTTAAAAHHH?  Because it won’t happen.  We know we are just approaching the halfway stage, twitter, in what shall be known in years to come as The Winter of Trending Topics.  When we are listening to @mr_grimshaw’s album in years to come, we will be thinking, “Did that really happen? Did we consistently mug twitter off for all those times”.  And the answer will be a resounding YES.

Our aim is true, and getting nearer.  Nearly halfway twitter, so start setting aside some server space for the Grimling explosion that will happen when he gets signed. When, not if, you grotbag of a Social Media Platform.

See you tomorrow, twitter.  And the next day.  And the next day.  In fact, just keep expecting us.

You always hurt the one you love twitter, but we hurt you ’cause you annoy us.

The Grimlings

See you tomorrow for the vote and at 6 for the trend.  Night!


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