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Trend Review Monday 7 February

Dear twitter

So, what did you get your toothless granny for Christmas?  Treacle Toffee?  Bet you go up to babies, show them rattles, bounce them off the mothers’ head and then walk away.   Eat sweeties in front of kids in the dentists?  Probably a day out for you, twitter.  Because you twitter, are most definitely a bag of rats.

We followed your stupid rules twitter, and SignASG trended.  Trended quite nicely in fact.   And then fell off the face of the earth two minutes before @MrsTapster came onto twitter to do her Q&A.

You’re funny twitter.  Haha-sterical.   Remind me never to leave impressionable young minds in your vicinity whenever the words “Father” and “Christmas” are mentioned.  No idea what the fallout to that one would be.

Anyway, you were stymied my dear twitter.  Grimlings are not some Dory-like creature who can be distracted by someone shouting, “Oooh shiny”.  We kept on trending, and lo and bebloody hold did it not re-appear and then climb up the TTs – even when the q&a was going on.  Hoo and indeed HAH!

But then, twitter, you did it again.  Cave Dwelling Number Cruncher emerged from their lair, blinking as the light hit their face for the first time in ne’er a long while.  Skin peeling from their visage as it hit natural light, they were gibbering into their printouts.  Something about “aiden” possibly hitting the trending topics on a low percentage – hashtagged.  After I finished pointing and laughing and rolled her back into her cave – STONE ME – up popped #askaidensmum in TTs – a simultaneous double trend.  Our joy at this first was tempered by our WTF at seeing it in the TTs.

The considered opinion of the best minds in the Social Media business, twitter, is “Crocked if we know”.  No clue.  Perhaps because we haven’t trended his actual name since the beginning of January, but that’s just a guess.  Perhaps a Grimling was behind the decks at twitter towers.  Perhaps the massive Spambot Attack that you suffered earlier today twitter (yeah, real shame that.  Maria Carey FGS) meant you had to reboot and we snuck in.  Don’t know, don’t care because WE. WERE. THERE TWITTTAAAAAAHHH!!

So that my dear twitter is that.  SIMULTANEOUS DOUBLE TREND!

All you need is love, but you need a catastrophic collapse of the internet, twitter, to keep the Grimlings off the TTs.

Hmm, bit short that.  Must be Happy Hour down at the dockside bars.  See you at 11 for the vote and back to the normal time of 6pm for the trend.  One of our Special Agents is transcribing the Q&A from today and we’ll tweet the link from @AGTrendSite.  Have a fun night and we feel a bit more confident that the day is coming when we will no longer have to say


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