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Vote For The Trend Friday 4 February

Just before we give you the options, a few things about the trending

  • It’s an excellent achievement to get in the TTs so many times on so many days, and you really should congratulate yourself for that.  If you ever want to see what an achievement that is, type in “trending tonight” into the Twitter Search Box and then hit search.  Look at all the unsuccesful trend attempts.
  • Grimlings know he won’t get signed because of the trending.  We’re not that deluded.  It’s all about showing support.
  • If Grimlings hadn’t trended, that support would not have been known outside of our group.  We would have been a (huge) group, just talking to ourselves.
  • Some Grimlings want to trend, some don’t.  That’s fine; one group doesn’t have the right to over-rule the other.  We trend for a fixed period every night, and the spam levels have shot down – click on the trending topics when MrG is there and see.
  • All we are saying is, last night Grimlings were lucky.  The cave-dwelling number cruncher didn’t think we would trend as we didn’t have the numbers or the amounts of tweets.  During the Christmas trending we were regularly debuting at 0.06 and climbing to 0.09 -0.1.  That fell off during January to debuting at 0.03 and climbing to 0.05.  Last night we debuted at 0.01, climbed to 0.015-0.02 and fell.  The only thing we can think of is that “Streetcam” was such an unusual word we gained algorithm points for “novelty”.
  • The more people who are online at the beginning of a trend means the quicker we trend.  Grimlings know that this works – remember the 16 minute trends?
  • We want to trend things like Follow Mr Grimshaw to get his followers up – Grimlings all want the twitcam and the Big One Ride, and of course more followers means more visible popularity for @mr_grimshaw.  We can’t as the numbers just aren’t there
  • If you don’t trend, or don’t like the trending, could you leave us a comment as to why?  We won’t publish it, but it will help us tailor the trending to try and keep everyone happy
  • WE WOULDN’T TREND IF WE DIDN’T HAVE THE SUPPORT. @MrsTapster has our link in her favourites, has tweeted the site address, and tweeted messages of support for the trending.  @mr_grimshaw has joined in the trending a few times. We know that if we were ever asked to stop, Grimlings would.
  • Again, we’ll repeat – fantastic achievement by Grimlings to hit the TTs so often and so regularly.  Raise a bowl of sweets in self-congratulation!

So, onto the vote.  We were alerted yesterday to the fact that previously unseen names (ie low algorithms) were in the TTs due to being run together.  We rolled our eyes at the fact that Cave Dweller had missed this.  In hashtags, if the words are ran together #AidenGrimshaw the algorithm recognises that.  Doesn’t if not in hashtags.  So, we have a rock solid Emergency Trend in place in case it doesn’t work, but lets give it a go.  Grimlings, please round up your followers – Fansite Twitterers we would really appreciate a few RTs as well.  The algorithm takes into account the amount of people who see a RT, so that would really help.

So, here are our options for today.

Option 1 AidenGrimshaw Not gonna lie, it scares us a bit.  But we think non-trenders will trend this as it is an obvious trend

Option 2 SignAidenG Same as above

Option 3 SignAiden GNow Again, pretty obvious


Closes at 5.30, Trending at 6.  We have got to go for it tonight as the Rugby will kill the TTs at about 7.30.  Have a great day Grimlings!



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