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Vote For The Trend Thursday 3 February CLOSED SEE YOU AT 6

Good Morning all.

We have trended about signing for the last 7 trends; so time to have some fun, and after the past few days we need it.

So, ladies and gentleman of the jury here are your options for todays trend

Option 1 – Nigel The Ninja – We know the original was #nigelthenighttimeninja but that’s too long to trend and it’s a hashtag.  Hashtags are really strong just now – to go for a hashtag trend we’re going to need loads online.  Until then – Nigel the Ninja

Option 2 – Maiden Streetcam .  Let’s be honest here.  We’ll be trending Maiden Streetcam but thinking either “Maiden Wedding” or “Maiden Shower” (is it too early to be thinking Maiden Shower?  Have you gone all peculiar too early?  We do apologise)  The reason we are not going for Maiden Shower or Wedding is that we think it’s a fun nighttime trend to try for a sneaky double, plus it fair cheered a lot of people up yesterday / last night so a big shoutout to the originators for that!

(If you don’t know about the Maiden Streetcam, have a look here, this is courtesy of  @ShaunieMcMaster)

Option 3 – In Tents Have we even offered this before?  Terrible oversight if we haven’t.


Have fun, share the link, vote for your favourite and all the usual jabber – closes at 5.30, trending at 6.  Hopefully not long until these words are obsolete –



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