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Trend Review Sunday 30 January

An open letter to the great god twitter

Dear twitter

How’s the haps on the craps?  The scores on the doors?  The heat on the street?  Good?  Because it was all unicorns and rainbows this morning.  You were the light of our lives, the stars in our hearts, the reason for our very existence this afternoon.  Yes twitter, you are reading that right.  I would even venture to say that you were the wind beneath our wings this afternoon.  The trends fell off after the tennis and before the football and we nipped in like a Dickensian pickpocket and trended Grrimshaw Deal in double quick time.  Half an hour and there it was on the Trending Topics, sparkling like a diamond.  Grimlings were quite rightly double deee-lighted and whacked that trend Worldwide before you could pull any of your failwhale-disappearing-timeline hoojamaflips.  And the Grimlings rejoiced, for we are rather fond of a quick trend.  Our keyboards, sanity and timelines thank you.

Then, twitter, you were the gift that kept on giving.  MrG finally rose from his slumber and walked amongst us, throwing out tweets willy and indeed nilly. The other half of Maiden did a twitcam, with epic singiness from Mr G on the phone and lovely banter which did sustain us as we waited for MrG to do his twitcam.

OH YOU DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY TWITTAAAAAAAAAAH! Saving that one up were you?  Playing all nicey nicey during the day and then slipping under the radar to screw up @mr_grimshaw’s twitcam?  Did you and all your little server pals get together over a beer and watch us all, saying to yourselves, “HAHA Wait to you see what we did.  Watch this Grimlings are going to go POSTAL hahaheheehe.”  Take it out on us, twitter and leave @mr_grimshaw alone.

Well, twitter, although you manage to both suck and blow, we care not a jot.  We are getting EPIC WIN tomorrow with a Maiden twitcam.  AND IF YOU SCREW WITH THAT THEN BE AFRAID.  Because the WRATHBEAST of yesterday will be look like a fluffy liddle puddycat.

We’ll be back tomorrow TWITTAAAAAH.  As Mr Rick Astley sang so memorably we are never gonna give you up.  And we will trend, sustained by the knowledge that some of our fellow Grimlings will have concert tickets in their lovely little hands (and luckily you cannot screw with that twitter or we would be taking hatchets to your mainframes) and that we are one day nearer to that too double good day of @mr_grimshaw signing that recording contract.

So, again in the words of POP GOD Mr Rick Astley, inside we both know what’s been going on; we know the game and we are gonna play it. SO SUCK ON THAT TWITTTTAAAAH!

The Grimlings

We’re a bit afraid just now.  Breaking out the Astley is never a good sign. Vote for the trend at 11, back at 6 for the trend (twitcam permitting).  Keep an eye on @AGTrendSite for any changes. Have a great evening and remember


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