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Trend Saturday 29 January

56th TREND ATTEMPT – 47th Consecutive Day

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Remember Remember Grimlings

Do not mention any of the following in your tweet! Aiden, Signed, Grimshaw, Deal, Quiff

Don’t even say, “Don’t mention xxxx” in ANY TWEET that contains the trend 🙂 . Try not to send anything containing the trend to @mr_grimshaw (until after it has trended at least).

Once it’s linked it’s a nightmare to trend. After it’s trended and risen up the topics then go mad and make sure that people know why it’s trended!

The Winning Trend with 52% of the votes is

S1gn A1den

Trend until 8.00pm then if still not trending move to the emergency trend of

Nedia Mubla (we know we used it before so we know that it will work)

If it doesn’t hit Trending Topics If it hasn’t hit TTs by 9.30 come back here and we’ll see what the feeds are saying

Go forth and trend! And remember


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