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Vote For The Trend Friday 28 January

Wow!  Busy day today, we have umpteen different pages to update so keep checking back.  We’ll tweet the updates on @AGTrendSite to keep you up to date.

One thing we are looking at is how many of you AWESOME TRENDERS are online at the start of the trend.  Once it’s in there it’s OK as there is a massive pile-on which gets it Worldwide and pushes it up the trend list; but the poor “first adopters” are really going at it like (insert simile here our brains are broken this morning) to get it in there.  Please put out the word so we can take the pressure off them a bit and get it trending quickly so we can have fun (and so that the writer of our open letters doesn’t drown in a sea of bile of their own making).  The first adopters do a brilliant job, but we worry about them starving as so many of them postpone their dinner to trend 🙂 (See that record companies?  That’s how devoted they are.  Imagine how devoted they’ll be when you sign him.)

We know that we have been doing Funtime Friday for the past few weeks but we think we should carry on the signing momentum. So today’s vote carries that on.

Option One – Before The Tour. Seriously.  Nothing chaps our buns as much as this “After the tour” nonsense.  One Direction will be on the tour and promoting their first single release.  Rebecca, Cher and Matt are in the studio already as well.  This is great, and we are looking forward to hearing their stuff.  Give Aiden Grimshaw the same chance.  Record companies – look at the gig videos online, have a look at the FB pages of the venues @mr_grimshaw has played at, read the gig reviews.  Hell, listen to his recording voice on “Heroes”.

Option Two – Gr1mshaw Deal Yes, leet-haters – it’s back.  Gets the message across though.

Option Three – Gr1mshaw Album – We’re trying to avoid Sign and Siign.  We’ll keep S1gn in the bag for next week.

Vote.  VoteVoteVote.  And then share the link, either by pressing those little buttons down there to share on FB, Twitter etc, or by posting on your FB walls or twitter feeds.  Have a great day and we’ll see you back here at 6 for the trend.


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