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Trend Review Thursday 27 January

An open letter to twitter

Dear twitter

As you read this letter, please feel free to dot it with random swear words, offensive terms and hysterical outbursts of screaming, as that is how it was written before it fell under the harsh eye of a calming editor.

Siign Griimshaw should have flown in to the TTs on soaring wings of awesomeness, and you know that twitter, YOU KNOW THAT.  What do you do, stalk @AGTrendSite until they utter the words “Emergency Trend” and then decide to allow Grimlings access to the hallowed halls of Trending Topics?

But that wasn’t enough for you tonight was it twitter?  Oh  no.  What happened to you when you were young?  Was someone mean to your server?  Weren’t given enough bits to your byte which made you a sad and bitter twitter?  YOU KILLED OUR TIMELINES. Just as we hit TTs.

That’s dirty and mean.  However, you forget that FORTYFIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF TRENDING have toughened the Grimlings up.  Even cast out into the twitter wilderness the Grimlings tweeted like maniacs and soon Siign Griimshaw surveyed the TTs from the lofty spot of top UK trend.  Then to show you that right conquers might it flipped over to Worldwide Trending Topics.  See that twitter?  That’s how much we care about your tricksy ways.

And to all the non-Grimling people commenting on the misspellings?  All it proves is that Grimlings understand twitter better than them.

We have 73 days of this to go twitter.  73 days.  We would appreciate it if you stop playing silly beggars and just let us get on with it.

Even Less Love Than Last Time

The Grimlings

That pretty much covers it all.  See you tomorrow for the vote at 10.00am and then at 6.00pm for the trend.  We need as many Grimlings online at 6pm as possible so we can get onto the TTs quickly.  Have a great evening and remember



One comment on “Trend Review Thursday 27 January

  1. @Creative_Aiden
    January 27, 2011

    I’m loving these Trend Reviews more and more each day hahaa :L
    But yes, good work to everyone that has been trending and supporting Aiden! 🙂 We’re extremely close to what we’re wanting!

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