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Trend For Saturday 22 January

Our 40th day folks.  Not bad!

PLEASE READ THIS!! and take a moment to read all the way to the bottom of the post.

Do not mention any of the following in your tweet!

Aiden, Signed, Grimshaw, Deal, Quiff

Don’t even say, “Don’t mention xxxx” in ANY TWEET that contains the trend :) .  Try not to send anything containing the trend to @mr_grimshaw (until after it has trended at least).  Once it’s linked it’s a nightmare to trend.  After it’s trended and risen up the topics then go mad and make sure that people know why it’s trended!

Today’s Trend is

Pulse Cardiff

Please go nuts on this one.  Loads of you are going there and Pulse have been so nice to all the fans on twitter.  There are people going to Cardiff from all over the UK so it is definitely going to be a good gig.  Pulse have been tweeting about it all week and can definitely be considered Honorary Grimlings!  It raises awareness that Aiden Grimshaw (or Grrrrimshaw!) is still out there performing and that fans are still supporting him.

Trend until 2.00pm then if still not trending move to the emergency trend of

Blackpool Talent

If it doesn’t hit Trending Topics We hope it does!  Our streams have been full of Cardiff talk all week, we feel like we’re going ourselves!

If it hasn’t hit trends by 3.00pm then the football starts and trending becomes difficult.  We’ll trend again at 7.00pm

Post your ideas for trends on this page – it’s your trend.Go forth and trend!  And remember



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