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Vote For The Trend Tuesday 18 Jan M aiden Special CLOSED!

Why Maiden?

Tweet from Matt Cardle

matt_cardle_uk Matt Cardle
Mr grimshaw is comin out to play next week ! Xx
12 Jan
Tweet from Aiden Grimshaw
Mr_Grimshaw Aiden Grimshaw
going too see lover boy on tuesday! might wee!
15 Jan
Hence Maiden Day.  Hopefully Matt wont scream “F’n hell” in Aiden’s face and clock someone right in the kisser as they greet each other.
So, here are FOUR suggestions for tonight’s trend for your delectation and tweeting delight.
(There was quite another popular one on the site but there are plans for that /twirls moustache and flounces cape/ so do not fret)
The boring but really quite important techie bit – If you are going to discuss this poll on twitter, please say “option 1, option 2, option 3, option 4″ otherwise the newness algorithm and the “everyone tweeting at the same time” algorithm wont count.  At 5.30pm votes will close.  At 6.oopm the result will go live on the site for trending fun.
Have a great day, thanks for visiting and remember

2 comments on “Vote For The Trend Tuesday 18 Jan M aiden Special CLOSED!

  1. MichelleB
    January 18, 2011

    All great options! Didn’t vote for Maiden Duet as people have been talking about it a lot these past few days after the newspaper reports! Any of them would be great and hopefully we can get Matt fans involved in the trending too this evening!

    I have a feeling I know what the other popular choice being held back is ; )

  2. Aiden_G_Love
    January 18, 2011

    OMG will be amazingg. cannot wait for the tweets about their special day :’) also cannot wait for the speculated Maiden Duet. love you boys :’) xx

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