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Your vote – LAST 10 MINUTES. Please vote and circulate to your followers.

We told you we were Grimlings.  And as such we know that some of us out there in our real home of twitter aren’t happy with having the trends “dictated”.  That is not what we EVER set out to do and why we wanted to start having polls, pick the trend etc etc.  Have a look around the site.  There is NO WAY we could ever do this on twitter which is why we set this site up – somewhere easy where we could all find the list of trends, list of tweets, links to articles, suggested trends etc.

So, two polls today.  The first poll has three options – Yes, please keep suggesting trends at 6pm, No we will go with our own trends and No, we will go with our own trends but can we have an emergency trend at 8 just in case.  The two No votes will be amalgamated so we’re not accused of splitting the vote.  If No wins then we will see out of the two “No” options which has the highest vote.  Totals will be screengrabbed and posted here so that you know there is no jiggery pokery.

Note – In the event of a No vote we will keep all information currently posted on this site viewable and will keep the trends list updated so that you can keep an eye on it.

In the event of a Yes vote, here are today’s suggested trends.

If you are going to discuss this poll on twitter, please say “option 1, option 2 option 3” otherwise the newness algorithm and the “everyone tweeting at the same time” algorithm wont count.  At 5.30pm votes will close.  (We’re extending just for today).  We will publish at 5.40pm whether or not we will be publishing a trend on this site.

If you have anything to say about this, leave a comment here or if you prefer to remain anonymous then you can use the Contact Us Form.  (Comments are moderated and may take a while to show.)  Any more threats against the site and we’re gone and that’s that.  We are all Grimlings working towards a common goal of showing that there is support for getting Aiden Grimshaw signed.  We don’t want to do anything against that so will go rather than cause arguments or resentment.  The main point here isn’t us, it isn’t you; it’s to show that Aiden Grimshaw has support out there.   Someone much cleverer than us put it better than we ever could (we’re having to paraphrase as they aren’t online just now for us to get permission to quote them directly) – the point is not the trending it’s about @mr_grimshaw’s voice and performance and the emotions it stirs in us and how that deserves success and a wider audience.



3 comments on “Your vote – LAST 10 MINUTES. Please vote and circulate to your followers.

  1. Lucy
    January 17, 2011

    Hi, thank you for doing this site it’s amazing. I understand that some grimlings like the idea of generating a trend on twitter and it just spreading and happening and that’s epic that we managed to do that for over 20 days – well done everyone!!!

    However if we want to trend everyday until the tour – 19 Feb – which Aiden’s uncle has asked us to do and he feels is important then this is a more ‘grimling army’ way of doing it. Especially as we are all back at school/college/work whereas over Christmas and New Year we had more time to dedicate to this.

    Thank you to whoever is running the site, we appreciate what you are doing, we know that you are a fan. You’re very fair and it must have upset you to see some of the tweets last night as setting up and running something like this must take a lot of time.
    Let’s see how the vote goes and carry on from there

    Lucy xx

  2. MichelleB
    January 17, 2011

    Am totally 100% behind this website and all those geniuses running it! Trending was a nightmare before we had this to make sure we are all on the same page with what to trend.

    I saw some of the complaints on Twitter last night and was actually really, really surprised! If everyone stops and thinks for a minute and remembers this isn’t about us this is about Aiden then I really don’t get how anyone can think this site is anything but amazing!

    So, yes, lots of love to you people putting in all the time and effort with this site – I voted ‘yes’ in the poll.

  3. ellen
    January 17, 2011


    Just wanted to say that whatever happens with the poll (i voted to keep the site), i think this site was a BRILLIANT idea, and I really appreciate the work everyone’s put into it for ALL us Grimlings. 🙂 It was becoming increasingly difficult to find out what we were trying to trend every night before this, there were sometimes 3 or 4 different ones flying around, some of which wouldn’t have trended at all going by your How Trends Work page, and we’d have all wasted a lot of time. I think if we need to do this till the tour (or the end of the tour) then we need to be at least a little bit organised (while keeping it fun!) or we’ll end up doing trends twice or just end up in a mess one night.

    At the end of the day, we’re all doing this for Aiden so i really hope everyone pulls together till we get him that contract. 🙂

    Thanks again for trying to make things easier for us all! x

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