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Trend Review Monday 17th January

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote today; we really appreciate it.  Thanks for your support and we’ll do our best to help you keep Aiden Grimshaw in that box to the right of your twitter feed every night from now until the end of the tour.

To those who voted No we received a great comment from Anon explaining some of the reasons behind the vote.  We want to take the time to answer it to make sure we do it justice.  Anon obviously talked to a few people and put a lot of time into writing the comment up.  Anon, I hope that you don’t mind but we are going to answer your comment in a post tomorrow. Thanks again!

So, what did you all think about the voting change?  Did it make you feel more involved?  Less?  The trends that were unsuccessful will go back in the pot to be used again in the vote another time.

Tonight’s trend Nedia Reverof entered the TTs @6.30pm and stayed there until @9.00pm before Glee and One Born Every Minute started.  Well Done Grimlings.

The Vote For The Trend Page will be up at 12.00noon tomorrow with three Maiden related topics (Why Maiden?  Well both of them tweeted that they are meeting up tomorrow, there were loads of articles going around online about a possible duet and MrsT had a nice tweet about them today)

Thanks for all your support today, enjoy the rest of your night and remember


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