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Big Changes on the Site and News About Tonight’s Trend

Grimlings have always picked the trends, but as from tomorrow it will all be easier.  We are introducing Vote For The Trend and You Pick The Trend.

We will post a poll on the days stated at 12.00 noon with three options for that night’s trend.  Voting will close at 4.30 pm and that night’s winner will be posted at 6.00pm for the trend.

Here’s next weeks’s Diary of Events

Monday Vote For The Trend

Tuesday’s trend will be a Vote For The Trend and will be #Maiden related.  Post your suggestions related to your favourite #Maiden moments here – in fact post ANY suggestions here.  If we are going through three a day we need as many as possible.

Wednesday – YOU pick the trend.  Leave a comment on that day’s noon post and then a Random Number Generator will pick a comment number.  That comment will then be the trend of the day.

Thursday – Vote For The Trend will be song related. Lyrics or title of a song that @mr_grimshaw has either sung on on the show or on his live appearances.  Get suggesting.

Friday – Funtime Friday.  The Vote For The Trend will be a quote or something amusing from @Mr_Grimshaw’s video diaries, interviews or tweets. Get suggesting.

Saturday 22 January‘s trend will not be a poll.  We will be trending earlier on Saturday at 12.00noon.  The trend will no doubt be related to the reason we are trending so early.

Sunday – Vote For The Trend.

Teaser For Tonight’s Trend

  • It is definitely directed at the record companies
  • It’s a hashtag
  • It’s what we want
  • It is short and sweet
  • It’s an amalgamation of a few suggestions on the Suggest A Trend page
  • It was mentioned on twitter yesterday

So, what do you think it’s going to be?  Leave your guesses below.

We would like as many Grimlings as possible to participate in this and the changes for next week, so the link to this entry is Please RT if you can.  I hope you agree that the changes make the site more “open” and the trends more accessible to all Grimlings.

See you at 6.00pm for the trend and remember



3 comments on “Big Changes on the Site and News About Tonight’s Trend

  1. MichelleB
    January 16, 2011

    Great idea, adds a whole new dimension to the trending!

    Hhhhmmm think I have an inkling as to why Saturday’s trend will be earlier!

  2. @Get_AidenSigned
    January 16, 2011

    LOVE the song trend idea. I take a tad credit 😛 x

  3. Jen
    January 17, 2011

    Fab idea!

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