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Trend Review Friday 14 January

Firstly, shoutouts to @OnlyAidenG, @KellyR2401 and @AidenLoverMucho.  The three of them definitely win the Fastest Finger First competition as the trend was posted on their twitters before we had even checked if the Autopost had gone through.  Well done!

#reasonswesupportag has been our favourite trend to date.  The reasons you stated for your support were funny and touching in equal measure.  It’s a shame it didn’t trend but we love the answers that you came up with and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

The reason it didn’t trend was obvious – @mr_g was on a spree.  Follows, tweets, DMs so trending fell by the wayside.  The system worked though – at 9.00pm everyone moved onto the emergency trend of Nedia Mubla and we trended in the UK by 9.27 and stayed there until 11.17.  We also hit the worldwide trends, and quickly climbed to be the number one non-hashtagged trend.  Remember – any trend is an achievement.

Teaser for Today’s trend will be autoposted at 3.00 pm and see you at 6.00pm for tonight’s trend.

Have a happy Saturday and remember


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