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News About Tonight’s Trend and Help Required

If you look over to the right hand side of this webpage (sorry email subscribers you’ll need to come see), you should see some new things.  After suggestions from users of the site we’ve updated the Suggest A Trend page to list all the suggestions alphabetically. We’ve added to the right hand column links to the press articles about the twitter campaign, links to supportive tweets re the twitter campaign and a contact form.  We’ve also added a subscribe by email button so that all posts are emailed directly to you (thanks to all the subscribers!).

Are there any media mentions of the campaign that we have missed?  Again, please link to it in the comments or send it to us using the contact form.

If you have kept any of the supportive tweets in your favourites, could you have a look here and help us out?  We know there have been a lot of RTs during the campaign (we’re sure there was one from 4Music, and a journo but we are struggling to find them all.) Hopefully someone has them saved in their favourites.

Right, begging bowl away here we go with news about tonight’s trend


The trend you suggested is ready to go and will be auto posted at 6.00pm.

  • It’s a hashtag (we’ve cracked hashtags.  If there is a Promoted Trend, we can trend hashtags.  If there isn’t we can’t.)
  • we’ve seen it suggested on twitter and here
  • it was suggested quite early on
  • it’s obviously about Aiden

The trend will be posted in this format

Tonight’s trend is

Trend until 8.00 and then move to the Emergency trend of

Since it’s a hashtag we will move straight to the emergency trend at 8.00 pm instead of 9.00pm

If a trend is suggested by @mr_grimshaw @MrsTapster @Mr Tapster @Jambobee or any of the family then that is the trend for the day – ignore this site.

Have a great day, see you at 6.00 pm and remember



One comment on “News About Tonight’s Trend and Help Required

  1. @unsuitablecrush
    January 14, 2011

    I’ve favourited some media tweets on my account (mostly from OK Mag!) from my RT folder. Feel free to use them 🙂

    Site Admin – Thank you! Just what we were looking for

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