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Trend for Thursday 13 January

Just To Confirm – if a trend is suggested by @mr_grimshaw @MrsTapster @Mr Tapster @Jambobee or any of the family then that is the trend for the day – ignore this site

Tonights trend, suggested by you, is
Denai Shawgrim
Trend until 8.00 then if still not trending change to

Trend until 9.00 and then move to the Emergency trend of

Nedia Mubla

Note The start of each word has to be capitalised.  This means that the twitter TT software recognises it as a name.  If we move on to #s, the hashtag should be #denaishawgrim with no capitalisation.  We don’t think the software picks up capitalisation in the #s.  Better safe than sorry.
If  we don’t need the emergency trend then it will be carried over to be used another time.  Nedia Mubla was suggested by Lucy Gilmore

Reason for this as the trend Suggested by @silvia_grimshaw (Beep beep. The other Silvia’s clutch cable broke.  This is v sad) last night on twitter and here on the Suggest A Trend page.  We needed to change the original denAi shawGrim so that twitter would recognise it as a “name” but other than that this is the trend discussed on @silvia_grimshaw’s feed yesterday.

Important This is really really important.  Remember, avoid mentioning the following in your tweet

Aiden, Signed, Grimshaw, Deal, Quiff (even if it’s to say “Don’t mention Aiden in the tweet” once Denai Shawgrim is linked to Aiden Grimshaw in the tweet we are going to have to hit spamming capacity 🙂 )

Don’t add links to your tweets

If it doesn’t hit Trending Topics If it hasn’t hit trends by 10.00 then come back here for yet another emergency trend.  We will have been monitoring the feeds and will go with the most popular suggestion.

Competition for TT Other events that might hit the TTs tonight

Last night’s STOP STRESSING trend was because of an Indonesian sportsman so we have given up guessing.  It’s a big Emmerdale night so hopefully we’ll trend before 7, then it’s EastEnders at 7.30, Come Fly With Me, Fish Fight ( v popular on twitter) and Shameless (as an aside, when did twitter replace just shouting abuse at the telly?)  No footie tonight, but of course it’s a big night for the Snooker Masters, Quarter Finals (zzzzzzz poor snooker will it ever trend?)

Note re Hashtags, Running Words Together, and Backwards Words Hashtags worked last night so we have used them for the semi-emergency trend.    Running words together only works on hashtags and seems to count against us when it comes to trending (DebraTheZebra, MrsTapstersSon).  Again, we’re all learning as we go along.  As for backwards words, we know that they work so are keeping them back for now to use as emergency trends, (see tonight) trends for near the end of the tour or trends when inspiration escapes us all.  Remember, post your ideas for trends on this page – it’s your trend.

Go forth and trend!  And remember


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