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Interesting Tweets

Interesting tweets, Industry Tweets, Supportive Tweets from well-known or high profile individuals, Tweets from Journos, you know the thing.  If you see any, or have any saved to your favourites that we don’t have here, point us to your twitter account and we’ll have a look or please leave a comment with a link to the tweet (click the date or time that is on the bottom of the tweet to get the permalink) and we’ll post it with the credit.  Thanks! (click on the picture if you would like to see it full size)

Added 29 March

Tweet from 4Music

Tweet from @unsuitablecrush RTd by @unrealityTV

From the spoof Nadine Account

From Mark Pedley

From Tony Cowell

From Bliss Mag

Added 29 January

Simon Murdoch – DJ on Irish Radio i105-107

OK Magazine

Added 28 JanuaryOn a night when twitter collapsed around our ears, this was a great little ray of sunshine.

RT and tweet Sinitta Actress, Singer, XFactor Mentor

RTs from Modest! Management XFactor Management Company

Tweet from Industry Music Group Artist Booking Agency

Mizz Magazine – Fortnightly magazine

Pulse Cardiff Wales’ Award Winning Gay Venue, Home of Matt and @TheDrBev and Definite Grimlings.

Previous tweets

OK Magazine UK Celeb News, Features and Gossip (shoutout to @unsuitablecrush for the tip)

The Music Magazine Online Music Magazine (shoutout to @unsuitablecrush for the tip)

4Music UK based entertainment and music channel (shoutout to @3words8letters and to @Aidens_UK_tour and @unsuitablecrush for the tip)

MarkMeets Celeb Booking, DPA, PR, Gossip Twitter and website (shoutout to @AnnieDd1 and  @Aidens_UK_tour for the tip) We don’t know if we agree about the management so are not making any endorsement of what he is saying there 🙂

Biffy, writer, producer and mixer

Matt Cardle, winner of the X Factor 2010

Matt Edmondson, Television and Radio presenter; Writer

Retweet by Savan Kotecha, Songwriter and Vocal Producer (Shoutout to @unsuitablecrush)

Dannii Minogue Website Untouchable

Retweets by Dan Wootton Showbiz Editor of the News of the World

Shoutout to @Meggggan_Shoutout to @snowdropkTweet and Retweets by Syco Music

Shoutout to @TweamGrimshaw and @MrsTapster

Shoutout to @snowdropk

Retweets by RCA UK

shoutout to @mistyelle

shoutout to @zaanazee

and remember


4 comments on “Interesting Tweets

  1. Lucy Gilmore
    January 15, 2011

    Hi, there’s a nice tweet from @Markmeets about Aiden. i’ve just added it to my favourites in twitter – i’m @Aidens_UK_tour . Sorry I don’t know how to link to it xx Lucy

  2. Lucy Gilmore
    January 15, 2011

    Hi i’ve also just found some 4Music tweets and saved them in my favourites (@Aidens_UK_tour) xx lucy

    Site Admin – Thank you so much for these and the @markmeets one- added!

  3. @Get_AidenSigned
    January 22, 2011

    check my faves for a few Radio Times tweets and a 4Music one 😀

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