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Trend Review Wednesday 12 January

Yes it was that close.  We were just about to hit “post” on the emergency trend when we FINALLY saw #adreamingwish trend.

So anyway, did you enjoy that?  Not much we don’t think judging by the timelines – palpitations, hair being pulled out, threats being made to twitter – we saw it all.  It finally trended at @9.00pm for a millisecond, bounced in and out for a few minutes, stayed in for a bit and then climbed up before leaving at about 9.40pm.  I think that we were all so relieved at it trending we were pleased with however long it stayed in.

We also know that a lot of you had issues with the trend.  We understand that but like we have said before the point is to draw attention to Aiden Grimshaw.  If people see Aiden Grimshaw in the TTs they might not click on it, but if they see #adreamingwish then they will click and see all the tweets that we spent so much time on sending out.  We hope that you realize HOW AMAZING your trending campaign is.  People are talking about it, not just in the record industry, but by people who use and report on twitter as a Social Media Tool.  It’s hard to get a topic in the TTs, we shouldn’t panic when we don’t trend straight away or get complacent when we do.

We also saw a few other trends being suggested.  We wrote them down and will use them most likely this week.  Like we said before, we are Grimlings and don’t want to argue with other Grimlings. We saw some people tweet, “Support this trend and we’ll do yours tomorrow/this week” which we thought was a great idea and we’ll stand by that.

Right, onto the actual trend.  We have no idea why it didn’t hit the TTs.  It’s percentage of tweets was higher than STOP STRESSING, Gove and 4 of the people named in the TTs.  We have several theories – A Dreaming Wish wasn’t a name, we tweeted with Aiden in the tweet – but we do know that it wasn’t blocked.  If it was blocked then the percentages would have been zero.  No idea.

In the good news, we now know that we can trend hashtags.  It took us an hour to do it as hashtags have a lower “interestingness” rate against them in the twitter trending algorithm which means we have to tweet much more, but we got there.  We also discovered that A Dreaming Wish was not a waste of time – when we changed to #adreamingwish the A Dreaming Wish tweets counted towards that.

So, all in all an interesting night.  twitter teased us and drove us mad, but we achieved the goal and learnt something in the process.  Did you see the trend definition on What The Trend?

This is an anagram of Aiden Grimshaw. He is a popular British singer/songwriter. His fans have trended topics related to him for 30 days straight now. Give him a record deal!


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3 comments on “Trend Review Wednesday 12 January

  1. Pata
    January 12, 2011

    How can you view what topics trended? Im new to twitter and dont really get it, and how do you explain what a trend is

    • Sign Aiden Grimshaw
      January 12, 2011

      Hi Pata! Welcome to twitter. If you go to a site such as What The Trend then you can see what topics have trended. As to what a trend is, it is when lots of tweeters are talking about something at the same time. You can have a trend without it being a Trending Topic. For something to be a Trending Topic it has to be the top topic of conversation at any given time.

      We’ve put together a guide to trending Trending Topics here, I hope that explains it as well. If you have any other questions please ask, and thanks for visiting the site! Sign Aiden 🙂

  2. Jen
    January 13, 2011

    Thanks for doing all this. It’s great to learn how things work and fantastic that people all over the world are noticing amazing Aiden.

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