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Trend For Wednesday 12 January

EDIT – We know some people are a bit concerned about this trend.  Have faith – if you tweet it it will trend.  If you click on the TT then everyone will know what it’s about and see all the tweets.  People don’t click on the obvious # as they can see what it’s about.

Please trend.  We will definitely choose one of the competing trends tomorrow as a thanks.  This site is about keeping us together – we would be horrified if we thought we were dividing Grimlings.


Again, thank you for all your site tweets and retweets last night.  We do appreciate it.

Today’s trend (30 days if it works, people) should not be a surprise to anyone who has visited or posted on the Suggest A Trend page.  The trend you suggested for today is

A Dreaming Wish

Note The start of each word has to be capitalised.  Also – HUGE NOTE – We might not get the whole of “A Dreaming Wish” into the TTs.  If we do, great.  If not, A Dreaming works as does Dreaming Wish.  When people click on the TT every tweet will have “A Dreaming Wish” and that’s the point.

Reason for this as the trend Where do we start?  Mazza first provided the link to the anagram site which set the ball rolling.  @LeahGrimshaw suggested A Dreaming Wish, as did @_Laura_Cook_ , @ZaniiiGrimshaw, KellyR and MichelleB.

Ideas Got to be careful here, because the temptation is to say “A Dreaming Wish is Aiden Grimshaw” but then it wont trend.  We can’t link to an explanation as then we’ll all go to twitter jail for spamming a link.  Stuff like “A Dreaming Wish is to buy a CD with AG’s face on the cover” will get the message across and when people click on the Trending Topics they will know what it’s about. Plus it’s fun to read all the creative stuff all the Grimlings write.

Important Remember, avoid mentioning the following in your tweet

Aiden, Signed, Grimshaw, Deal, Quiff

Don’t add links to your tweets

Don’t tweet the same thing over and over

If it doesn’t hit Trending Topics Impossible!  Just in case it doesn’t, come back to the home page at 9.30 pm for our Emergency Trend (oh yes, we have back up.  We don’t just throw this stuff together you know!)

Competition for TT Other events that might hit the TTs tonight

Haven’t checked today.  We have been Mystic Meg like in our predictions the past few days.  Lets just say  Snooker (still hanging in there with that prediction), Football, Telly, Breaking News.

Note re Hashtags, Running Words Together, and Backwards Words This still applies.  Some hashtags trended today but they were either at impossibly high percentages for us to achieve or had no percentage at all.  Best to steer clear of hashtags until we can work out a pattern.  Running words together only worked on hashtags and seems to count against us when it comes to trending (DebraTheZebra, MrsTapstersSon).  Again, we’re all learning as we go along.  As for backwards words, we know that they work so are keeping them back for now to use as emergency trends, trends for near the end of the tour or trends when inspiration escapes us all.  Remember, post your ideas for trends on this page – it’s your trend.

Special Thanks to Secret Agent M for editorial assistance on this post

Go forth and trend!  And remember


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