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Trend Review Tuesday 11 January

Well, you all loved your trend tonight.  Sigh Naiden hit the trending topics in the UK in 18 minutes (at 6.18pm) and Worldwide in 33 minutes.  It stayed in the UK trending topics until @9.00pm.  Not even the might of CHUCK NORRIS (a Bieber trend) could keep Sigh Naiden off the TTS.

We’d like to say that the web team here is sitting in front of banks of computers, analysing trends, checking timelines and using slide rules and super computers to try and work out the optimal time for trends.  It’s not true.  More by luck than judgement we have discovered that 6.00pm is the best time for trends to hit the TT.  The early birds start it, the 7.00ers boost it and then everyone keeps it going.  Great!

@MattEdmondson certainly cheered a lot of us up tonight with his tweet at the height of the trending.

@Matt Edmondson
Has no one bothered to sign Aiden Grimshaw yet? I’m surprised.

With over 100 RTs and an immense number of @replies we don’t know if Matt will be pleased with or regret that tweet.  We’re not going to overanalyse the tweet; we’re just glad he acknowledged the TT

It was very amusing clicking on Sigh Naiden in the TTs.  No-one will be in any doubt as to what it was referring to.

If you have any suggestions as to trends (and we know that you do) please leave a comment underneath this entry.  It might look as if we have loads but but the more the merrier.  Also, if you want to see what you have trended so far, please have a look at Agent K’s list on this page

Any feedback you have on the trend is, as always, much appreciated and can be left in the comments box below.


One comment on “Trend Review Tuesday 11 January

  1. loltastico
    January 11, 2011

    I have feedback…you are an epically awesome twitgeek!!x

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