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Trend Review Monday 10th January

The popular choice (suggested by Kelly, @MrsTapstersFans, Simone, Jen, MichelleB, @Get_AidenSigned and @Aiden_Dreams) of Mrs Tapsters Son was proof that when Grimlings work together good things happen!  It hit the trending topics in the UK in 16 minutes (at 6.16pm) and Worldwide in 31 minutes.  It stayed in the UK trending topics until 8.20pm and then popped back in briefly when @MrsTapster came back online to do #askaidensmum.

The timing today worked in our favour – by 9.15pm nearly all the trending topics were Glee related and with both @MrsTapster and @Mr_Grimshaw keeping us entertained we would have been multitasking like maniacs.

We know a lot of us were confused as to why Son didn’t trend with Mrs Tapsters.  We couldn’t work it out – all day we have had three word trends in the Trending Topics and as far as we can see it should have been there.  We checked to see if it was a Son/son issue but it didn’t look like it.  Chalk it up to the same mad algorithm that gave us Grimshaw Mr Grimshaw and jambo jambo jambo.

You also played a blinder with your tweets – clicking on the TT (as everyone does) left no-one in any doubt as to what we were campaigning for.  The ingenuity, humour and individuality was highly entertaining!

Just a quick word to address some concerns as to this site.  There are no names of the people responsible for this site anywhere here for a very good reason.  Trends don’t belong to us, they belong to all the Grimlings.  Trust us though – you know us on twitter.  We follow you, you follow us, we trend like maniacs and we recognised every single person who posted a trend on the Suggest A Trend page.  All trends will come from that page; we will not be playing favourites and putting our own trends up.  We don’t want to take the fun out of it so if you have any suggestions – whether to trends, time the trend is posted  or ways we can all use this site – please tell us.  That’s also the reason we have put the spamming advice and the get out of jail tips on the site.  We hate it when people disappear from our timelines because they’ve been sent to twitter jail and we want to keep each other out of there.

EDIT – Three word trends all day today (Tuesday) – Employee Dismissal Form, Quack Quack Quack.  It’s a nystery.

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One comment on “Trend Review Monday 10th January

  1. Jen
    January 11, 2011

    Just an idea – could the ‘Suggest a Trend’ from the previous day be moved to a different page so that we only had today’s suggestions on one page. It may be easier to read/follow? But I know nothing about websites so – no idea if it is possible or approprite…

    Thanks again for a great site

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