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Trend for Monday 10th January

EDIT – The weirdness of twitter means that other three word trends are trending but this has been shortened to Mrs Tapsters.  We’re all learning here, but you should be bloody proud – 17 minutes to UK trend and 31 minutes to Worldwide.

Lots of tweets to change it to MrsTapstersSon; it’s your trend – go for it.  You’ve achieved the aim of the trend AND THEN SOME so go nuts and have fun.  You’re all amazing.

Right, here we are, hopefully the co-ordination will pay off

Today’s trend is

Mrs Tapsters Son

Note The start of each word has to be capitalised.  Fans of good grammar (of which we hope that you are) will notice that the possessive apostrophe is missing.  We are not sure if apostrophes trend so that’s why we left it off.

Reason for picking this as the trend There’s a lot of love out there for Mr and Mrs T and the family.  It was a very popular choice here

Ideas Go mad with this.  Integrate it into your tweets like

“I hear Mrs Tapsters Son could have sold out the Wrexham gig twice over”.

” I want to fire up iTunes and buy stuff from Mrs Tapsters Son”

That way when people click on the Trending Topics, and see all the tweets from users with Aiden Grimshaw names and avatars then they know what it’s about.  (Don’t worry if you haven’t though, if you google “Mrs Tapsters Son” the top three searches are all Aiden Grimshaw related)

Important Remember, avoid mentioning the following in your tweet

Aiden, Signed, Grimshaw, Deal, Quiff

Don’t add links to your tweets

Don’t tweet the same thing over and over

Also – this is what we do to show that there is a market for Aiden Grimshaw’s music.  We are good at it.  We should leave the negotiations with the record companies to Modest and Aiden’s people, because they are good at that.

If it doesn’t hit Trending Topics Impossible!  Just in case it doesn’t, come back to the home page at 9.30 pm for our Emergency Trend (oh yes, we have back up.  We don’t just throw this stuff together you know!)

Competition for TT Other events that might hit the TTs tonight

Leak of Britney Spears new single

Home Nations Championship

Rangers v Kilmarnock from 7.30

Masters Snooker (you never know)

It’s a big telly night tonight, we need to make sure we trend quickly – New series of: CDWM, The Biggest Loser, One Born Every Minute (obem – this was massive on twitter last series) Shameless, Episodes, and Glee

Go forth and trend!  And remember



3 comments on “Trend for Monday 10th January

  1. Niko
    January 10, 2011

    I love this site! Great job!! Getting Grimlings organised!! Whoop Whoop!! 😀

  2. @unsuitablecrush
    January 10, 2011

    Good work! Although I am a fan of grammar, I will still trend. It will be painful though!

  3. jenny
    January 10, 2011

    He’s trending but the son part is missing! Twitter is so stupid sometimes!

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