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Notion Magazine – Now Hear This: 13/04/14

  Another shameless plug-ugly photograph steal from Facebook. We can live with our crime. Notion Magazine have featured Aiden again. Excerpt. “To celebrate Britpop’s birthday, here’s a poignant Blur cover by … Continue reading

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Female First – Aiden covers Blur’s ‘Tender’

  Excerpt “Taking to the microphone with his undeniable and unique tone, he growls and croons his way through the track sounding better than ever before. It’s great to see … Continue reading

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Yahoo Celeb UK – Twitter

We rather like this: @Mr_Grimshaw covering Blur’s Tender — Yahoo Celebrity UK (@YahooCelebUK) April 9, 2014

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Aiden – new YouTube Channel

  Aiden has a new YouTube channel (or a new old YouTube Channel or a different YouTube Channel) You can find it here – Aiden Music Official

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Gigwise – Aiden Grimshaw covers Blur’s ‘Tender’ for Britpop anniversary

  Excerpt “The ‘Is This Love’ star was just 3 years old when Britpop began in 1994, and only 8 when Blur released ‘Tender’ in 1999. Grimshaw has delivered a … Continue reading

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Digital Spy – Exclusive: Aiden Grimshaw covers Blur’s ‘Tender’ – watch

  Excerpt … Aiden Grimshaw – who is now known simply as Aiden – has covered one of his favourite Britpop anthems, Blur’s ‘Tender’. Joined by a guitarist, Aiden’s soulful tones soar on … Continue reading

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Topman Generation – Aiden Grimshaw

Originally posted on the Topman site December 2012 Excerpt The creative chemistry with Rogers spurred Grimshaw into action, helping him wrap up the record in just four months: “I think … Continue reading

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‘Pop star ended my speech nightmare’

  We shamelessly stole the picture from Aiden’s Facebook and Twitter because – well, you’ll see when you go through to the article. Plus this one is a very nice picture. … Continue reading

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Aiden – BT Vision Live Hyde Park

  Tonight we’re reminiscing about the Olympics. If only we could have that in London every year. Especially if it means more gigs from Aiden in Hyde Park! There are some … Continue reading

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Aiden – Idol Magazine interview

We’re enjoying rereading interviews and articles that we haven’t seen for a while.  This one is from the time of the “Is This Love?” release Aiden – Idol Magazine HOW WOULD … Continue reading

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Aiden – OfficialCharts.Com – Misty Eye Track by Track

  ” … the stories behind his songs ranging from the angry tones of This Island (“When you’re as moody as me, you need [to write] something dead angry,” says Aiden) to … Continue reading

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Aiden -Northampton Roadmenders

    This should keep you going for a bit. Rachelipswich1 on YouTube has the entire Northampton Roadmembers gig on YouTube. Enjoy. That was a great tour, wasn’t it?   … Continue reading

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Aiden – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

Another short one tonight, because it’s Monday.  Busy Mondays do not make for decent thoughts on a Monday evening. There is a big dent on a comfy chair that is … Continue reading

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Aiden – Rollacoaster Magazine

  Originally in the AW12 issue.  Remember this one?  The magazine is online, the article is on page 50.  We’re keeping it brief tonight, it’s Friday and we’ve got a … Continue reading

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Aiden – Satisfy Me

The original Satisfy Me post  is one of the most popular posts on the site – you do like this one! (Email subscribers – you can listen to Satisfy Me … Continue reading

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Electrowerkz – Aiden Gig

Look at the state of that picture. I’m embarrassed. “I went to a gig and saw a red lava man sing next to a glowing green keyboard. In a room … Continue reading

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Aiden – Chokehold, Scala

  Look, there they all are.  And Seye too! They’re all happy and stuff. Let’s have 3 minutes and 43 seconds of joy and exuberance. I’ll admit that I was … Continue reading

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Aiden – Is This Love

    This was really exciting. We all had no idea what to expect, and then up popped “Is This Love” on Nylon Magazine. Then this happened. [View the story … Continue reading

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Aiden – Notion Magazine

Tonight’s choice is from June 2012 and Notion magazine – the Aiden cover and interview. Remember the excitement about this? I may have stalked the poor WH Smiths guy who … Continue reading

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Aiden Grimshaw – Nothing At All (Tough Love Official Remix)

My choice tonight! Somebody who may or may not be me but looks very much like me and sounds like me and works in the same place as me and … Continue reading

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Aiden – A Better Man – Live At Electrowerkz

What we are listening to today – Aiden A Better Man We’re starting something new here. Every day we will link to an Aiden video, soundcloud, picture, or blog entry. … Continue reading

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Aiden – New Cover of Tender

YAY. New stuff. We’ve seen Tender before – there was the NME Tender video and also the version of Tender from the Electrowerkz birthday gig in December 2013. Today saw … Continue reading

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Matt Lucas and Susanna Reid

  This was quite a nice exchange to see on Twitter. Plus it meant we could dust off the old password and actually post in here.      

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